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Congratulations to all SRC reps on your great work throughout this year. A special thank you to the Leadership team who have worked with Mr Marshall and Mrs Natar to think creatively, plan, prepare and run SRC sessions.

Well done to all!

Please see the attached invitation for details about the SRC celebration morning tea this Friday.

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SRC recommendations for 2017

img_9918 img_9933

Over the last 2 years our SRC has focused on student learning and this year we have had 3 themes running throughout the year. All SRC students were helped to develop and refine impulse control goals, which they have tried to be working on throughout the year. You would also know that the SRC have been working on questioning and creativity. As a result of their work, SRC has 3 recommendations for 2017 that they would like staff and Governing Council to consider:

  • The first is that all students develop, refine and work on an impulse control goal in partnership with their teachers and parents. The impulse identified would be one that gets in the way of the students’ learning. We hope students will develop successful strategies to better manage their impulse, which in turn should lead to improved learning outcomes for them.
  • The second recommendation is that for the purpose of students valuing and recording their creative ideas, the school purchases an ideas book for each student from Years 1-7.  This is not about teacher directed recording. This would be a personal book where students draw, sketch and write ideas and thoughts and let their mind wonder. This would provide opportunities for students to capture their ideas, return to an idea and refine it.    This book might stay at school.  At staff meeting and Governing Council meeting, we will share an example of the type of book we are thinking about (around $5 or less) and how it might be used at school.
  • The third recommendation is that mindmapping is applied in every classroom across Years 1-7 as a strategy to help students organise their thinking, show their prior knowledge and demonstrate new understandings.
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How are you going with managing your impulses?

Over the next two months we want to see how every SRC member is going with their impulse goals. We want to know what strategies students are applying to better manage the impulse they have identified as important to improve their learning.  The impulse goals are here

Here’s some our our students talking about the impulses they would like to better manage.


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Strategies for Generating and Recording Ideas




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What are your questions?

What are your questions about this video?

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 6.45.48 PM

Something for those who are  even more curious about magnets…

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imagesThe nuclear fuel commission student forum was AMAZING! You might have seen the report about our forum on BTN , if you haven’t you can see it here.

Did you know that it takes over 30-40 years just to cool and then another 20 years for it to make sure it is completely safe?
Did you know that there are trying to store it 455 meters below earth?
Did you know that if the tank goes over 100 degrees Celsius the tank will crack and therefore it will leak and go into the root of our trees and kill them and possibly kill us?
Did you know that the reason countries are trying to store nuclear waste in SA is because SA has a lot of space and not that much population?
Did you know that nuclear waste has a lot of radiation?
Did you know that food has radiation and the banana has the most?
Did you know that the tanks that store nuclear waste are bulletproof?
Did you know that more jobs will be lost than found?

Our task from the forum is to find out what you think of nuclear waste and we have a survey that we would love you to fill in, as a class or individually. The link to the survey is down below. If you could take a few minutes to fill that in on Monday or Tuesday that will be fantastic. On Wednesday morning we’re going to meet up again to look at the results and decide on how we will respond to Mr. Weatherill.

So sorry about the short timeline, but that’s just how it is!

Thanks you for your patience and hopefully your participation in the survey.

If you would like some more information there are some fact sheets here.










Please find the link to the survey here

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SRC Minutes Week 7 Term 3

SRC Minutes

Elle opens meeting at 10:10am

Ben introduces Drilona & Georgia;

Drilona & Georgia were apart of the many students who were a part of the Nuclear Waste SA forum at Adelaide Oval.

They explain what they learnt about nuclear waste in SA and how it may affect us in the future.

Did you know?

It takes between 30 & 40 years to store nuclear waste in the ground?

Please let us know what you think about Nuclear Waste in SA

Niki asks reps to write down questions they have about Nuclear waste SA

Some questions are shared. Once their questions are completed they are placed in the ‘Curious?’ box.

Elle recaps on what we have been talking about, regarding valuing ideas. Reps are then asked to discuss questions in their table groups about what they might want to do in their classes for science week.

Some ideas:


Coke & Mentos,

Models of solar system,

Experiment with living things.

Meeting Closed 10:40am

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SRC Minutes 24/8 – Term 3 Week 5

SRC Minutes 24/8 – Term 3 Week 5

Tash opens meeting at 10:05 am.

Niki and Elle update and refresh with reps on how we/they record ideas. The following pictures were shown to refresh reps’ minds.


Mr Marshall is introduced. He adds-on to what Niki and Elle finished up with. He then informs the new colour ideas for the toilet upgrades the following photos show the colour samples we would love to hear what you think.

Toilet colours

Mr Marshall continues along the lines of Science Week. Leadership team hands out paper & Pencils. Reps & Leaders are asked to write down their ideas about Science Week. They are asked to write something they would like to do/research about for Science week. They need to put their first name and their room number and place it in the ‘Curious?’ box.

We quickly go around and ask a couple of people about their ideas.

How does the moon glow?


Chemical reactions.


What activities do you want to do in science?

Using microscopes



Mr Marshall shares the following video with reps:


He then recaps & summarises the video with reps.

Reps are then asked how they think they can get their classes excited by science.

Reps then proceeded to talk in their group about it.

Mr Marshall informs reps that we would like them to take this information back to their classes

Mr Marshall shares some science sites and ideas.

Elle relates science and ideas and asks reps to bring (recorded) ideas to our next meeting

Meeting closed 10:45 am

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HANDS ON SCIENCE: What would you like to be investigating and creating?

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 10.59.34 pmIf we are to have more hands on science  learning,  students need to be expressing their ideas.  We are asking all reps to spark the thinking about science at home and at  school.   We are expecting everyone will have more opportunities in school. And we want everyone to be talking to their parents snd caregivers about what they can  create together for the Science Expo on 21 September. at SRC meeting we looked at  some ideas.

Here’s the link to a newsblog post with all sorts of good things to look at to give you ideas … we hope you try lots of things… there’s a time for reading and a time for doing. Together why not make something  you never thought you could …


Here’s that film we watched about create=ing a scale model of the solar system.  Most people settle for creating the planets and sun to scale, not also trying to do the distances too, as they did in the film.  Have fun being curious!


Why are there craters on the moon?

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