What is STEAM Week?

We are here to talk to your class about STEAM Week at Woodend.

Has your class been talking about STEAM Week?

What is it?


This year our school is celebrating STEAM Week.  This will be in Term 4 Week 1 and it is going to be an exciting week where we get to learn more about things to do with …



Your teacher and your class can get to learn more about these areas by planning together some activities to do in STEAM Week.  


During the next school holidays, we  would like you, with the help of your family, to make something for STEAM Week.  You might like to:

investigate, experiment, problem-solve, make or create something interesting to bring to school in STEAM Week.  

It might be a display, an experiment, a poster, a diorama, a dance, a collage or something digital to show at our school STEAM Expo.  This will be on the Thursday night from 6-7pm and all day on Friday. Your creation will go on display at this Expo and you can ask your family to come along and see all the things made by students at Woodend.


If your parents or carers have a job or interest that is STEAM, they may like to come and talk to your class about it.  Your teacher will give our a note about this.


We will also have visitors to our school who will show their clever work in STEAM.  

You may also like to plan some STEAM activity with your buddy class in that week.


We hope you enjoy some holiday fun doing a STEAM challenge and please bring it to school in Term 4 Week 1.  We look forward to a fun and interesting STEAM Week next term.


Any questions?


Thank you for listening.

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