Yr 7 Memento Project

30/10/15: here’s what we have so far for the trail. It’s a start…  and we can improve it.


21/10/15 The station markers are taking shapeIMG_4423

Thanks to parent Nathan Hyland for his  generous efforts in preparing the timber for installation. Our groundsperson, Keith has welded steel posts to steel plates that the large timbers are going to be bolted to. He has dug the holes that the steel posts will be concreted into.  


The  digital spaces (blog pages) are being created by each class. David Aparicio is supporting this work. QR codes have been created (see the interim station pictures below).


Work begins on the station markers. Cate Ellis is oversee the creative painting and mosaic efforts.

Meeting 14/10/15

The History Trail Blog: We worked with David Aparicio to create the first  blog pages for the history trail.  The History Trail Blog is located via the school newsblog. 

: We highlighted the following:

  • the blog pages will have photos from the P drive or website (check Mrs Riggs if problems) or from the history display that Sharyn Paris is putting together.  The school website has many good history pages, articles in newsletters etc … the links to these should be on your blog page too … you could simply do a screen capture and link this to the website page.
  • the blog pages should have interesting text that tells the reader something  about the  past and how things were, and how they have developed. Remember to use   Mrs Gregory, Mrs Cullen, Mrs Whitrod, Mrs MacFarlane,  Mrs Armanas, Mr Zampogna, Mr Marshall…
  • the blog pages will also have some means of navigating  to other stations on the trail.  An interactive map will be developed (David ) … QR codes will be generated with David’s help.
  • the History Trail should be in a form that is good enough for visitors on our 20th Birthday Fair day to have a look and make a comment  Some students should be in the  history display room  to encourage this comment making on the blog.
  • Some students could be roving on the 20th birthday day to interview people about the changes they noticed and any stories they might have.

ACTION: start developing your two pages. Start including your class teacher and other year 7 class mates. Next Tuesday and Wednesday  mornings, David  will come round to each class to work with students to progress your pages.

  • Room 28 is doing gym and kitchen: include the pizza oven area.

  • Room 29 will be doing the glasshouse: this can now include the  Young Street areas like staff courtyard, Japanese Garden and the housing development  and the garden

  • Room 19 is doing the street and the plaza: this can now include carpark, netball court etc

  • Room 17 is doing oval and hall: this can now include the canteen and the middle yard play ground and nature play / castle/ whale

  • Room 25 is doing the atrium and old the front of the school: this can now also include the library…

History Trail Markers:

  • Cate will be available for  to work on getting this done 2 days next week and 2 days in week 3 at this stage.
  • Mr Marshall, Keith and  Cate Ellis have been working on how to translate your ideas into a practical form.  We have the places for the ten station markers worked out.  Six markers will be made from big recycled timber; same as we have used on the  timber posts at the end of the wavy wall on Edward Beck Drive. Those six are: oval, street, garden, hall/ middle yard,  plaza, glasshouse/Young St … These will be  concreted into the  ground and ready  for students to work on after Wednesday next  week. Once concreted in, the posts will have yellow mosaic stripes on one side and the concrete base around the timber will be a mosiac representation of  some former look or use of the area. We will not use the history of communications theme… the QR code will be attached to the side with the stripes.  The posts will be oiled.  They will not all be the same height.
  • The letter box will be used for the Front Office / Library station … the mosiac will be on the top (School Bus?)  and the stripes on one side with the QR code.
  • The three other stations ( gym, kitchen / pizza, atrium )will be inside and will be  mounted on walls.  The mosaics will be done on board first.


Members of the Yr 7 Memento Team:  Jordan Allen, Joy Sarkis, Minh Nguyen, Brock McKenna, Joel Gawking, Mark Nacov, Matthew Ranger,  Michael Shepherd, Makayla  Orchard -Reed, Jacob Tonkin,  Josh Ayles


What is a memento? We explored this and found that if we look around our communities we see there are many ways we preserve the memory of  significant people or events.  In our homes and within our families there are small but significant  mementos of our life and the people in it. 

What is our time line for the History Trail?   Complete by  early Term 4 2015in time for the 20th Birthday Fair

What is our budget? Approximately  $3 000

How will we involve all year 7 students?  ..  working together and in project groups: Planning, developing ideas, creating the physical and digital products.  There will be a need for  the history research to be divided up into class groups … maybe two  Trail Stations per class.

What expertise do we need?  Our own creativity and energy.  An artist / graphic designer or both.


History Trail:

How many stations will be on our trail? We think about 10

What could the Station Markers look like?  We want creative ideas … people to be able to identify the trail markers easily as they walk through the school. 

What might a trail logo look like?  Creative ideas needed

What information will be immediately visibly and what information will be in a digital space (accessed via QR code)?  We don’t think we need too much information on the station markers.  The QR codes will point to a digital space (a blog?) which will have information, lots of photos etc.  This place will grow and develop over the years.


IMG_9607 QRTheGarden

the kitchen garden was once the space where transportable classrooms were situated



The street; Rooms 7-10 houses were built more than a year after Room 1-6


IMG_9613 QRTheHall

the hall was an open shelter shed


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 12.33.21 am QRThePlaza

the netball court and plaza building and surrounds were the shopping centre carpark


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 12.34.43 am QRTheGym

the gym was an IGA supermarket


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 12.35.08 am QRTheAtrium

there were shops in every classroom in the atrium area


Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 12.32.32 am QRTheKitchen

the kitchen was the original staffroom an d offices







The entry to the original front office






this is how much the glass house has changed






the oval has changed so much since the school first started


Meeting 18/09/15

IMG_4221 IMG_4222We looked at the history photos that are being gathered for the 20th Birthday. We assigned two stations to each class as follows: 

  • Room 28 is doing gym and kitchen.

  • Room 29 will be doing the glasshouse and the garden

  • Room 19 is doing the street and the plaza

  • Room 17 Is doing oval and hall

  • Room 25 is doing the atrium and old the front of the school

ACTION: classes now gather together  a history for their two spaces…  The school website is a good starting point, Mrs Riggs has extensive knowledge  of what’s on the website… Ms Gregory, Mrs Cullen, Mrs MacFarlane  and Amanda Whitrod are excellent resources to use to check your facts on the early days.  Sharyn Paris has access to the photos you might need.  WORK ON THIS WILL HAVE TO HAPPEN RIGHT AT THE START OF TERM 4.   David Aparicio will work with students to help them understand how to create and attractive blog for this trail.

ACTION:  The  mosaics tiles and painting of trail markers will also happen in the first 4 weeks of term 4.

August Meetings: working with Cate Ellis to define the history trail markers  and to share this thinking with classes.  Markers will have a  communications through the ages  theme  as well as being distinctively recognisable by colour and pattern. Cast has conferred with Mr Marshall and some markers will be installed during the holidays, ready for Yr 7s to paint and mosaic.  Plaques would need to be ordered. A map for the history trail would need to be created  and located in a couple of places in the school e.g. front office and  street.  This map would also be on the History Trail Blog.  David Aparicio will be working with students to develop the digital space.

Meeting 23/07/15

ACTION: All memento team members  to be given Authors’ rights so they  can add content to this page. See Trent or  other members of the SRC leadership team to be given this access.  Ask for help  if you don’t know how to load photos or  files…

ACTION: Joy, Michael , Maykala to take photos of potential other trail stations:   Glasshouse, Oval, Front Office, Edward Beck Drive entry to Kitchen / original front office.  … select the best shots and post those photos with the others above.

We will ask Cate Ellis to work with us to develop the Trail Markers, once all yr 7 students have inputted their ideas.ACTION: we need someone with the graphic design  skills to help us  develop our digital history content.

ACTION:  confer with your class and  post your key responses underneath each or the two sections below

1. What are your class members’ creative ideas for Trail Markers?  Post the best of them below:



2. We will interview Mrs Cullen, Ms Gregory and Mrs Whitrod  next Wednesday 29 July after school.  Make sure your parents are aware of this. We will finish about 4:30 pm.   Below please post questions that we could be asking  them about the school’s history related to the each of the Trail Stations (photos above).