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Fireworks Casual Day

Do you enjoy watching our school fireworks? On Friday the 29th of November (week 7) You will need to bring a $2 donation to raise money for our fireworks. Without enough money we can’t put another brilliant display on. Kind Regards
SRC Leadership team

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Toilet survery linked to hand soap in our toilets

At SRC we discussed hand soap dispensers. We discussed how much the toilets were used during a day. Mr Marshall thought that students on average would visit the toilets twice a day at school. Through our discussions we found out that this is not the case.
We would like you to average out how many times students in your class would use the schools toilets, so we can estimate how much liquid soap we would need to buy. This will give us estimates to see if liquid soap dispensers are needed.
Please add you class number to the comments area with the number averaged out.

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