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Week 9 minutes

SRC meeting – 25th June week 9 
welcome – Kane 
11 classes had a class meeting 
classes don’t have much time to have class meetings 
Agenda – 
learning in Maths
environment committee
class discussions –
oval in the morning
school uniform 
loom bands banned
toilets – bigger and better
Learning in Maths –
room 12 want more hands on Maths 
room 7 have made a Maths sheet 
are classes doing partner work? group work? or individual work? 
– feedback 
what they learn in Maths 
individual work / partner work / group work 
groups work – Maths games 
individual work – quite own work
problem solving – partner work year 6/7 
challenger – partner work 
problem solving – individual work 
group work with problem solving 
room 25 – 85% group work 15% 
room 1 – 27% individual 73% group work 
8 classes have more individual work 
Charities –
Krystal will be the girl we are supporting for child with rare cancer 
discuss with class 
how we can support and fundraise Krystal 
Environment Committee – 
planting trees 

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the final score

Alright its what you have all been waiting for! the final scores for the charities! I will put them all in order so number 1 and number 2 are the charities we are supporting and number 3 and 4 unfortunately the two charities we are not supporting. ok so our number one charity that got 444 votes is A Child With Cancer! the charity that came second is Help The Homeless! and finally the last two charities that we unfortunately will not be supporting is the animal welfare league and a world vision child.


Week 7 minutes

Welcome everyone to the week 7 term 2 SRC meeting

How many classes have had a class meeting
-what do we need to do to have class meetings
– can you get access to the minutes on the blog

Agenda –
Hall passes (yes) –
– rules
– as questions
Charities –
– results
Raise money

– feed back

Other business ( Evan )
– blog
– How do we use it

Math ( zac )
– maths is the feedback
– what reps once zac got last night
– survey

rules –
– no food
– no drinking
– sensible behaviour
– no gym
– max
– shoes only
– respecting other peoples equipment

Where should we get the passes from
– Library – 0
– Office – 0
– Teacher on duty – all

Toilets –
– Privacy
– Smell
– Looks
– Room
– Let teachers know
– Door handle ( room 5 )

Maths –
– sharing maths

UV LOCK because people
Eating times at recess to reduce litter numbers

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Week 3 minutes

Ellie O’Driscoll new SRC rep for room 2
Kane welcome 
– all but 5 classes had a class meeting 
• toilets upgrading 
• hall passes at recess and lunch
• oval taps 
• food on oval 
• show and tell – class matter 
• class disscusions worth being brought back to SRC meetings
Toilets – 
• what should we change in our toilets 
• how can we make our toilets better 
• toliets more private 
– project team set up to improve our toilets
– can classes disscus how they want the toilets to improve 
Oval taps – 
• Eden and Jake talk to Keith 
Food on oval – 
• why do we think we aren’t allowed to take food onto the oval? 
• running around the oval and you chock 
• food without wrappers allowed? 
• litter on the oval 
• bins around the oval? 
• safety 
– no food on oval 
Hall passes – 
• too many people going in the hall and gym 
• Mr Hehner’s set up P.E stuff in the gym 
• jump rope 
• student eating in the hall and gym 
• students making a mess in the hall and gym 
• only hall passes and no gym passes 
– have a class vote about if we should have hall and gym passes at recess and lunch? 
– if yes, what should the rules be? 
Science topic – 
• hand on experiments room 29, 28, 17 
• why do we do science? 
• why did we choose science to disscus 
– many classes haven’t had science yet and would like to
Maths topic – 
• two types of Maths – room 2 
• why did we choose maths as a topic for SRC disscusion? 
• why do we use maths in our every day lives 
• why is maths important?
• why do we have maths? 
• is maths only addition, subtraction, multiplication, division? 
– we would like classes to focus on Maths disscusion 
– and questions raised about Maths 
Charities – 
• Shyla, Chelsea and Adele will be presenting information about the charities in the coming assembly 
• SRC might consider the BJ foundation 

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Week 5 minutes

SRC meeting – 
– Chelsea welcome 
– 13 classes had a class meeting 
– hall + gym passes 
– blog 
– charities 
– toilets 
Hall + Gym passes – 
• 13 SRC reps say yes for hall passes
• 14 SRC reps say no for hall passes 
• some say that only we should only have hall passes 
• most classes say yes to hall passes 
Blog – 
Charities – 
• help the homeless 
• cancer council 
• AWL 
• world vision 
Toilets – 
• paint the toilets 
• make the toliets smell better
• some doors are broken 
Next meeting every class have a class vote, how are we going to get hall passes? By asking a teacher. Vote on what rules need to be made in the hall at recess and lunch time. 


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