1. deb darwin

    Is that a red planet in the sky? (James)
    Why is the tree nearly bigger than the moon ? (Eli)
    Why is the moon very close to the tree? (Jade C)
    Why is the moon so big? (Hayden)
    Why is there white fog around the moon? (Emily S)
    Why is there orange on the ground? (Jack)
    What cou8ntry is this in? (Billie)
    Why is it night time? (Sophie)
    Why does the moon top look like the earth (Jaeda)

  2. Thomas

    What is that it looks like a tree with the moon behind it but a little close to the ground.

  3. Imogen&liam Rm 9

    Is there an eclipse?
    Why would their be life outside earth?
    Who would take the photo?
    How did they get there?
    How would the planet behind earth only be seen half?
    How might of they got there?
    How old is the photo?
    How might the person get back to?
    Is it a person taking the photo?

  4. Bojan.Necic


    1. is that space?
    2. why is there a tree there?
    3. why are there birds there why cant it be a different animal?
    4. why is there earth and another planet?
    5. is that planet behind earth Venus or mars?
    6. why did you pick that picture there?
    7. why are there clouds?
    8. is that tree burnt?
    9. how old is that picture
    10. is that lava at the bottom of the picture?
    11. why do you send these pictures to be answered is it for our learning?

  5. leilani.bryce

    Leilani & Jessie-
    What is that behind the Earth?
    Why are there are clouds behind the tree?
    Why does the grass look like its on fire?
    Why is black stuff at the bottom of the picture?
    Why is there a tree on another planet?

  6. room 2

    why does it look spooky
    where is it
    how do you see earth from earth
    why does the moon look see through
    why is the moon so big
    why are the clouds outside the atmosphere
    why is there an orange planet out the back
    why is the moon so close

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