SRC Minutes 24/8 – Term 3 Week 5

SRC Minutes 24/8 – Term 3 Week 5

Tash opens meeting at 10:05 am.

Niki and Elle update and refresh with reps on how we/they record ideas. The following pictures were shown to refresh reps’ minds.


Mr Marshall is introduced. He adds-on to what Niki and Elle finished up with. He then informs the new colour ideas for the toilet upgrades the following photos show the colour samples we would love to hear what you think.

Toilet colours

Mr Marshall continues along the lines of Science Week. Leadership team hands out paper & Pencils. Reps & Leaders are asked to write down their ideas about Science Week. They are asked to write something they would like to do/research about for Science week. They need to put their first name and their room number and place it in the ‘Curious?’ box.

We quickly go around and ask a couple of people about their ideas.

How does the moon glow?


Chemical reactions.


What activities do you want to do in science?

Using microscopes



Mr Marshall shares the following video with reps:


He then recaps & summarises the video with reps.

Reps are then asked how they think they can get their classes excited by science.

Reps then proceeded to talk in their group about it.

Mr Marshall informs reps that we would like them to take this information back to their classes

Mr Marshall shares some science sites and ideas.

Elle relates science and ideas and asks reps to bring (recorded) ideas to our next meeting

Meeting closed 10:45 am

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