SRC Minutes Week 7 Term 3

SRC Minutes

Elle opens meeting at 10:10am

Ben introduces Drilona & Georgia;

Drilona & Georgia were apart of the many students who were a part of the Nuclear Waste SA forum at Adelaide Oval.

They explain what they learnt about nuclear waste in SA and how it may affect us in the future.

Did you know?

It takes between 30 & 40 years to store nuclear waste in the ground?

Please let us know what you think about Nuclear Waste in SA

Niki asks reps to write down questions they have about Nuclear waste SA

Some questions are shared. Once their questions are completed they are placed in the ‘Curious?’ box.

Elle recaps on what we have been talking about, regarding valuing ideas. Reps are then asked to discuss questions in their table groups about what they might want to do in their classes for science week.

Some ideas:


Coke & Mentos,

Models of solar system,

Experiment with living things.

Meeting Closed 10:40am

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