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SRC recommendations for 2017

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Over the last 2 years our SRC has focused on student learning and this year we have had 3 themes running throughout the year. All SRC students were helped to develop and refine impulse control goals, which they have tried to be working on throughout the year. You would also know that the SRC have been working on questioning and creativity. As a result of their work, SRC has 3 recommendations for 2017 that they would like staff and Governing Council to consider:

  • The first is that all students develop, refine and work on an impulse control goal in partnership with their teachers and parents. The impulse identified would be one that gets in the way of the students’ learning. We hope students will develop successful strategies to better manage their impulse, which in turn should lead to improved learning outcomes for them.
  • The second recommendation is that for the purpose of students valuing and recording their creative ideas, the school purchases an ideas book for each student from Years 1-7.  This is not about teacher directed recording. This would be a personal book where students draw, sketch and write ideas and thoughts and let their mind wonder. This would provide opportunities for students to capture their ideas, return to an idea and refine it.    This book might stay at school.  At staff meeting and Governing Council meeting, we will share an example of the type of book we are thinking about (around $5 or less) and how it might be used at school.
  • The third recommendation is that mindmapping is applied in every classroom across Years 1-7 as a strategy to help students organise their thinking, show their prior knowledge and demonstrate new understandings.
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How are you going with managing your impulses?

Over the next two months we want to see how every SRC member is going with their impulse goals. We want to know what strategies students are applying to better manage the impulse they have identified as important to improve their learning.  The impulse goals are here

Here’s some our our students talking about the impulses they would like to better manage.


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Impulses Results


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What Are Your Impulses Form

Be Sure to complete this form!

Impulses Form

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Adventures of You

Part One


Part 2

Part 3

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What Are Your Impulses?

ACTION FOR ALL REPS: Comment  below providing a POSITIVE and NEGATIVE impulse you have.

Remember if you don’t have an email address you can use comments@woodendps.net  and make sure you include your name.


How you improved your impulse

Comment how you have been working on your impulse and what you have done to improve.

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Impulse sheet

CLICK HERE for the direct link to the impulse sheet all reps are required to fill out by the next meeting. Print it off and fill it out like expected. It looks a bit different to the original one we gave you, but it’s still the same wording.

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Impulse improvement


You may remember when we were working on impulse goals. My impulse was growing bored with long work. I have improved that by rethinking through it to make it more interesting. We would like you to post how you have been improving with your impulse goal.


Second semester impulse goals


Reps, reply to this post with your impulse goals. If you’re stuck, feel free to look at last semester’s goals.


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