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Video key-points

>> Show four people with set goals (names should be on blog)
>> get feedback of those involved (class teachers, class mates, parents)
>> Include and explore struggles
>> interviewing and scenario (footage of class in action)
>> talk to the participants
>> if we are filming, it has to start this week
>> videos will be short, two minutes each?
>> create a storyboard
>> parent permission
>> send note home
>> iPad cameras or Sue’s cameras?
>> by next week videos should be filmed and edited
Those interested:
Nick (check with parents), Ellie, Lily Gilbert, Paige, Declan, Lily Jackson
Mrs Luke, Zac and Emily: Paige (if Nick is alright with it, include him as well)
April, Erza and Mr Lamshed: Lily Jackson and Declan
Patrick and Mr Marshall: Lily Gilbert and Phoenix?
Trent and Mrs Natar: Ellie

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