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Congratulations to all SRC reps on your great work throughout this year. A special thank you to the Leadership team who have worked with Mr Marshall and Mrs Natar to think creatively, plan, prepare and run SRC sessions.

Well done to all!

Please see the attached invitation for details about the SRC celebration morning tea this Friday.

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Student Learning Rounds Presentation

SLR powerpoint FINAL

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SRC Learning Rounds

SLR powerpoint copy 2

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SRC Minutes 18/5/16

Tash opens meeting at 10:00am

Trent and Josh are introduced to talk about RSPCA

Some Reps shared their ideas for a fundraiser

money box – Tom

Money (Fair?) – Max

Selling chocolates – Madison

Toys, Food Warmth – Toby S

Crazy hear day – Madison

Sausage Sizzle – Max 

Dress up as animals

Hannah,  Faith, Harry, Daniel Ideas crew.

Ben will put a meeting time on the blog ASAP

Ryan is introduced to Quickly explain stretch learning

Reps talk in a group about what they think stretch learning is.

Push your limits – Latoyah

Getting deeper into your learning – Max

stretching Alicia & Toby

better ideas – Faith

Reps are asked to write on a sticky note what they think stretch learning is.

Ryan explains what stretch learning is

The main message is to push your limits with your learning

Thinking more deeply about a question you might think is easy.

Tash is introduced to explain what you do to with the piece of paper. 

Each person is given a pice of paper, a pair scissors and the same rule DON’T TOUCH THE EXAMPLE!

Some reps get it straight away where others sit still and are confused.

Drilona asks how did you feel?



How did getting stuck help?

I looked at it more closely – Talitha

Did you feel the urge to touch the example?

Most say yes

Tash connects it to impulses

Who had any impulses and what were they?

To touch it – logan

To give up – Talitha

What’s stopping you?

I needed some instructions

What were some positive comments you said to yourself?

I have to keep on trying Ashton

Its not impossible Talitha

Its handed to Elle Ben to talk about the activity links to our impulses

Why do did we involve this?

Something different – toby

To see how people react when they get stuck – Talitha

Why is impulses involved with creative learning?

Its an activity where you could get annoyed – Toby

To look more deeply – Madison

You might get stuck – Latoyah

Noah shows the reps the picture of the meeting, ready for tonight. Reps are given a 30 seconds to discuss a question for the picture.

Tash raps up the activity

Meeting closed at 10:45am

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What Are Your Impulses?

Please comment below what your Impulses are and how you are going to improve them.


SRC Minutes (Week 3 – Term 4)

SRC Meeting 28/10/15

Chair: Trent Denning
Minutes: Emily Chybinski

Trent started the meeting at 10:12 am by recapping the previous minutes.

First topic: Trinity Gardens Visit
– The reps who visited Trinity Gardens shared their likings and experience at the school. They believe our school should build similar things for our nature play spaces, such as ponds, logs, climbing walls and a cubby house. Photos and more information from the visit can be found here.
– “We could donate branches to the school, if we find any at the park.” – Nicholas

Second topic: Word Teachers’ Day
– Trent and Erza will be going around to get a small phrase from classes about their teacher. This year, photos of every teacher will be uploaded onto the SRC blog (on the World Teachers’ Page found here). There will also be comments on the page appreciating our teachers, which we would like the reps to post.

Trent closed the meeting at 10:45 am.

– Sometime today, get a photo of your teacher (helping students or teaching the class) and save it to the World Teachers’ Day folder. To get there, follow these instructions:
>> Access a computer
>> File
>> Computer
>> P Drive
>> 2015
>> SRC
>> World Teachers’ Day – save your photo in this folder
– Leave a comment on the World Teachers’ Day page about teachers, not using your teacher’s name. Please make the comment interesting and powerful
– To your classmates, spread the word about World Teachers’ Day and the page. Encourage them to comment on the page. On Friday, present the certificate, sticker and badge to your teacher. Make World Teachers’ Day a special day for your teacher this Friday. Acknowledge other teachers around the school who may not have classes as well.

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What are your questions?

click here for photo!


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World Teacher’s Day


“On Friday 30 October, we celebrate World Teachers’ Day. You are invited to get involved and say ‘thank you’ to a wonderful teacher at your school.

You may like to download the Thank You Display and decorate it to give to your teacher on Friday to say thank you for the fabulous work they do.


Impulse video/Trinity Gardens

Interested in participating in the SRC video or visiting Trinity Gardens? Please comment to this post with your name and which of the above two you would like to participate in. Note: these opportunities are only for year 4 and 5 students.

Those interested in the video:


Those interested in visiting Trinity Gardens:

Nicholas, Ellie, Lily (Gilbert), Paige

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