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SRC Minutes Week 7 Term 3

SRC Minutes

Elle opens meeting at 10:10am

Ben introduces Drilona & Georgia;

Drilona & Georgia were apart of the many students who were a part of the Nuclear Waste SA forum at Adelaide Oval.

They explain what they learnt about nuclear waste in SA and how it may affect us in the future.

Did you know?

It takes between 30 & 40 years to store nuclear waste in the ground?

Please let us know what you think about Nuclear Waste in SA

Niki asks reps to write down questions they have about Nuclear waste SA

Some questions are shared. Once their questions are completed they are placed in the ‘Curious?’ box.

Elle recaps on what we have been talking about, regarding valuing ideas. Reps are then asked to discuss questions in their table groups about what they might want to do in their classes for science week.

Some ideas:


Coke & Mentos,

Models of solar system,

Experiment with living things.

Meeting Closed 10:40am

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SRC Minutes 24/8 – Term 3 Week 5

SRC Minutes 24/8 – Term 3 Week 5

Tash opens meeting at 10:05 am.

Niki and Elle update and refresh with reps on how we/they record ideas. The following pictures were shown to refresh reps’ minds.


Mr Marshall is introduced. He adds-on to what Niki and Elle finished up with. He then informs the new colour ideas for the toilet upgrades the following photos show the colour samples we would love to hear what you think.

Toilet colours

Mr Marshall continues along the lines of Science Week. Leadership team hands out paper & Pencils. Reps & Leaders are asked to write down their ideas about Science Week. They are asked to write something they would like to do/research about for Science week. They need to put their first name and their room number and place it in the ‘Curious?’ box.

We quickly go around and ask a couple of people about their ideas.

How does the moon glow?


Chemical reactions.


What activities do you want to do in science?

Using microscopes



Mr Marshall shares the following video with reps:


He then recaps & summarises the video with reps.

Reps are then asked how they think they can get their classes excited by science.

Reps then proceeded to talk in their group about it.

Mr Marshall informs reps that we would like them to take this information back to their classes

Mr Marshall shares some science sites and ideas.

Elle relates science and ideas and asks reps to bring (recorded) ideas to our next meeting

Meeting closed 10:45 am

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SRC Minutes 15/6/16

Tash opens the meeting at 15 June 10:10 am.

Tash talks about what today’s meeting will be about: Focusing on impulses and stretched learning.

Eleanor starts off with getting the reps to make a paper chain that is on their table without touching it.

The SRC reps are making paper chains to stretch thinking by attempting to make a replica.

Trent takes photos of the real chain and also some of the reps chains.

Eleanor asks questions about what they thought when they were making their chains.

Ryan- How do you get the triangles in the folds


Saij- Frustrated

Samuel- Feels like its impossible

Younger reps mentioned that they were more focused.

Tash asked who enjoyed it and who liked it more than last weeks one.

Tash hands it over to Ben for impulses.

Tash divides the reps into colour groups according to their type of impulse

Purple- Talking at the wrong time

Green- Distractions

Blue- Impatience

Black- Other

The Black group are talking about solving their impulses using strategies.

The purple group are talking about why is their impulse a set back and how they are going to solve it.

The green group are asking each other questions about their impulse and asking questions about how they are solving their impulse.

The blue group are going around a circle and the reps ask the other rep and ask them a question about their impulse.

Tash ends the meeting at 10:45

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SRC Minutes 1/6/16

Trent opens the meeting at 10:05am by reminding the RSPCA Fundraiser Group to meet after the meeting.

Tash opens up a topic on the questioning by giving the reps the phrase “ A Spoon full of sugar makes the medicine go down” they were sent off to create Questions for a few minutes in Groups.

Tash asks for one rep from each group to share their best question.

Why does the sugar help the medicine go down? – Ashton

What affects does the medicine have on people? – Faith

How would the medicine and the sugar react to each other? -Hans

Isn’t sugar unhealthy? Logan

What type of sugar works? Trent

How will the sugar make the child swallow the medicine? Jackson

Tash explains that the picture is easier to find questions than a phrase. One suggestion as to why it is harder is because you can see the picture. Some reps share their stratagies to help them find questions.

Mrs. Luke is introduced to explain the survey found in front of them. She says that the ‘Baked Potato Lunch’ wasn’t as successful as they were expecting. Reps are now asked to fill out the survey that asks them what HEALTHY and NUTRITIOUS foods they would like the canteen to trial.

Ben and Trent are introduced to talk about impulses. They draw reps’ attention to the spreadsheet in front of them that has headings of.. Name, Room, Gender, Good Impulse, Bad Impulse and Solution. These results will be seen soon. Tash informs we will work on these throughout the rest of the year.

Josh and Trent are introduced to give reps an update on the RSPCA. They inform reps that some classes have the talk next week and others have it in week 8.

Meeting Closed 10:45am

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SRC Minutes Week 11 Term 1

Src Meeting 13 / 4 / 16

Tash opens meeting at 10:10

Tash introduces Trent and Josh to talk about their idea of the RSPCA empathy Program.

After the presentation a few questions were asked. Reps are asked to take the idea of the Empathy Program back to their classes.

Elle and Niki are then introduced to talk about valuing ideas.

Reps are asked to look at the picture on the table and to write questions ideas or about the picture.

Tash tells reps to aim for a 4 point question using the new and improved question matrix.

Reps go around the room and say their groups most interesting idea.

  • Latoyah shares her groups picture and their most interesting idea
  • Hannah shares her groups picture and their most interesting idea
  • Harry shares his groups picture and their most interesting idea
  • Alicia shares her groups picture and their most interesting idea
  • Hans shares his groups picture and their most interesting idea
  • Lilly shares her groups picture and their most interesting idea
  • Alex shares his groups picture and their most interesting idea
  • Samuel shares his groups picture and their most interesting idea

The new picture for questions for this week is introduced. The picture is below.

Reps are asked to take show the picture back to their class.

Tash asks a few questions about the photo.

Some reps share their questions.

Reps are told to look at the picture in more detail.

Reps are asked more questions with the picture more zoomed in.

Noah and Ben are introduced to talk about impulses.

Reps are asked if they are improving on their impulses. (A selection of reps raise their hand)

Some reps share how they are improving their negative impulses.

Reps are asked to write down their impulses and how they are going to improve them on a piece of A3 paper

Noah tells the reps that they and their classes can access a blog post called What are Your Impulses?

Mrs Natar then asks reps if they are having regular class meetings to discuss things that are spoken about at SRC.

Meeting closed at 10:45

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SRC Minutes week 7

SRC minutes week 7

Tash opens meeting at 10:09am by saying ‘SRC’ and the reps respond with ‘YES’.

Trent is then introduced and starts to explain how we can ask better questions. He refers to the question matrix (This is on the blog). Reps are then instructed to go onto the SRC blog and post a question and label them with the number of which question they think it is.

Once reps have finished their question they can try improve their question or come up with a better one.

Mr Marshall says that reps can ask their parents if they can think of a question. Reps are asked if they think their parents can come up with better question than them. 80% said no!

Tash reminds reps the they are wanted to come to the AGM where we will talk about questions and Impulses.

Ben is introduced to talk about impulses. He asks reps to talk to their buddy or the people around them about what their impulses are.

-“I get a bit annoying” – Jade

-“I’m a little inpatient” – Lilly

-“I can cheer people up” – Ryan

Noah Is introduced to talk about how to post your impulse on the blog. He shows them where to find the post.

Mr Marshall explains that Ben and Noah will talk to parents and students at the AGM about impulses.

Reps think about what their parents impulses along with their other family’s impulses. Mr Marshall explains that impulses can be improved.

Niki and Eleanor are introduced to ask reps how they can record their ideas. Reps talk about how they could record ideas.

Tash is introduced to ask reps if they know they are coming to the AGM. They are asked to ask their parents if they are able to attend on the 23/03/16

Meeting closed at 10:46am

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Meeting Minutes Week 5 Term 1

ACTION FOR ALL REPS: FOLLOW UP THE ACTIONS FROM THESE MINUTES.  YOU MAY NEED YOUR TEACHER OR BUDDY TO HELP.  The actions can usually be followed up in the new posts below the minutes.

Minutes for meeting on 2/03/16

Tash opens meeting at 10:05 by informing reps of todays agenda.

Trent tells reps we will gather their attention by saying “Reps” and they shall respond with “Yes”

He explains how to play Human Knot in groups of somewhere between 6 and 8

Ben and a group demonstrates how to play the game.

Reps are now asked to play in their own groups.

Leadership team jumps from group to group making sure they get the concept of the game.

Group is asked why they thought we played that game?

“To get us working as a team” – Logan

Eleanor and Trent are introduced to talk about creativity.

“It is very important to have a creative mindset” – Eleanor

We have many ideas each day.  How can we record the ones we want to keep?

“On our devices” – Lilly

“Sketch books” – Tom

“A diary” – Emilia

“Dot points” – Talitha

ACTION: Eleanor sets a challenge to reps for next meeting to come up with as many ways to record their creativity that they can think of.

Ben and Noah are introduced to talk about goal setting and impulses

Reps are asked if they remember what an impulse is?

Reps discuss and remind each other what impulses are.

Ben reminds reps that there are good impulses and bad impulses.

ACTION: Reps are asked to discuss a negative and a positive impulse with their table groups.

They are then informed they can post a comment on the blog of a good and a bad impulse.

Noah hands over to Tash and she passes it over to Nick to share how to get onto the SRC blog and is asked to do it with them

Step by step to get onto the blog

1.Open up your preferred search engine (e.g. Google),

2.Search ‘Woodend Primary School’ in the search engine,

3.Click on Woodendps.sa.edu.au,

4.Go to ‘Students’ then choose ‘SRC’

5.Click the link that says SRC blog,

Nick now explains how to place a comment on a post.  If they  don’t have their own email address they may  use comments@woodendps.net

Reps post comments on the blog.  ACTIONReps are asked to  post  their questions   and share SRC blog with class.

ACTION: Tash tell the reps that we would like all of the SRC reps to come along to the AGM on the 23rd of March. There will tasks for SRC reps to  be part of.

Meeting is closed at 10:43 with a Photograph of the SRC group of 2016.

Next meeting at 10:00 on the 16th of March.

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Meeting Minutes Week 3 Term 1

Minutes of SRC meeting on 17/2/16

Mr Marshall opens meeting at 10:05am by talking about how SRC will work and how SRC is a big role.
Mr Marshall also talks about how reps can go back to their classes and tell them what is going on during the meetings. Reps are told that they can become a good leader in the classroom.

Mrs Natar talks about how two reps will represent their class for the whole year.
She also talks about powerful learning, reps are asked what they think powerful learners do.

Mr Marshall talks about what evaluate means.
Also talks about how important it is to be resilient.
Talks to reps about how they can become powerful learners.
Leadership team is introduced
Chair Tash
Secretary Josh
Project Officers Niki, Trent, Noah, Nick, Eleanor, Ben
Trent shows reps how to locate SRC blog, using google.
Mr Marshall explains what the Blog is used for.
Tash starts to explain a Play is the Way game called Scrunchball, she tells them to write something they like. The reps now throw around the room. Then are instructed to find who’s paper they have.

Discussion on Impulses

Tash introduces, Noah and Ben to talk about impulses.

Ben says we will focus a lot on impulses this year. Reps are asked if they know what it is.
“Making sure what you are doing” – Max

Noah explains the difference between good and bad impulses.
Mr Marshall explains that not all impulses are bad.

Noah asks how impulses effect us?
“We may not be able stop them” – Ryan

Ben asks what impulses can do to people around us?

Noah asks, What is your impulse?
“Talking when the teachers talking” – Logan
“To smile at everything” – Niki
“Apologise when I don’t need to” – Logan

Mr Marshall says that reps might want to think about what impulse they might want to change.

Tash gets reps to look at the following picture…

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.09.05 pm

Tash asks who has a really good question,
“Why is a lion on sticks?” – Logan
“How did the lion get onto the sticks?” – Toby

Mr Marshall tells reps we will build up the questions from any question to more powerful questions.
Mr Marshall explains that when we are in meetings we would like to hear the reps name and like to hear them using a louder voice so that everyone can hear.

Meeting closed at 10:43am
Next Meeting at 10:00am 2nd March

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SRC Minutes (Week 7- Term 4)

SRC Minutes 25/11/2015

Trent started the meeting at 10:05 am with a Play Is The Way game of Alphabet. Reps later reviewed their impulses in the game.

First topic: Questioning
Reps came up with questions for the latest what are your questions photo found here.

Second topic: Positive self-talk
– “Positive self-talk is when you say positive stuff to yourself, like when I’m angry and I’ll say, ‘Cool down, Zac'” – Zac
– “If I find something something hard I’ll say to myself, ‘If I don’t get this done, it won’t help me in the future’. If I want a good job in the future I’ll tell myself that I won’t get that job if I don’t work.” – Patrick
– “When I’m frustrated, I say to myself, ‘It’s not worth it’. I deal with it by walking away and getting away from the people that frustrate me.” – Trent
In table groups, reps shared their past experiences with positive self-talk.
– “I talk positively to myself when I’m worried or in trouble. I think I did the wrong thing and I go crazy, but I say, ‘Calm down, Tara’.” – Tara
– “I do it when I don’t know what’s happening and I’m very shy. I think, ‘What’s happening? Am I going to get it right or wrong?’ but I say, ‘It doesn’t matter. Give it a try’.” – Phoenix
Reps then shared the struggles when trying to control their impulses and self-talk.

Post on this post with your struggles that you brainstormed at the meeting from the second topic. We also encourage year five and six to apply for leadership positions for next year.

Trent closed the meeting at 10:45 am.

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SRC minutes (Week 5 – Term 4) [Part 2]

SRC Minutes 11/11/15 (part 2)

Trent opened the meeting at 11:17 am.

Second topic: Questioning
– Erza explained the challenge, where reps had to brainstorm as many high-point questions as possible in their small groups, using the attached question matrix to score their questions. They then shared their questions, which can be found under this post.

Third topic: Impulse goals
– In the same questioning groups, reps had to share their progress with their impulse goals that they’ve been working on throughout the year. Feedback:
– “My goal was to conquer my anger. I asked my brother to stop reading for a few nights to see how much of an improvement it would it make and it did improve.” Ben
– “My goal was to be more organised. I’m usually quite late in the mornings, but I’m now early. I can turn in my work earlier.” Paige
– “My impulse was to procrastinate. I started doing homework, which helped a lot.” Zac

After playing Golden Child on the basketball court, Trent dismissed the reps at 11:55 am.

>> Encourage your class-mates to leave their own question on the whale photo. The leadership team will try to post more photos to fuel your questioning.

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